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MCC Spirit of Cricket - The Cowdrey Lecture

From 2004 to 2013 we provided live audio coverage of the Cowdrey Lecture. This annual event is held in the Lord's Nursery Pavilion.

Since 2014, the lecture is available on the Lord's YouTube channel.

2013 - Simon Taufel

The 2013 lecture by former international umpire Simon Taufel was the 13th in the series.

24 July 2013

Listen to Simon Taufel's lecture in full mp3 50MB 1h12m
(PDF, check against delivery)

Afterwards, Alison Mitchell led a discussion with Eoin Morgan, Mike Gatting and Simon himself to chat about some of the issues raised.

Listen to panel discussion mp3 22MB 31m

2012 - Tony Greig

26 June 2012

Introduction mp3 4MBogg 3MB (6:19)

Lecture - mp3 24MBogg 19MB (41:46)

Discussion (Mark Nicholas, Derek Underwood, Stuart Broad and Cowdrey Lecturer Tony Greig)
mp3 37MBogg 19MB (40:23)

2011 - Kumar Sangakkara

4 July 2011

Kumar Sangakkara (1h02m) mp3 lo (14MB)mp3 hi (35MB)ogg (26MB)transcript (pdf)

Introduction by Christopher Martin-Jenkins, MCC President (5 mins) mp3 (3MB)ogg (2MB)
Mark Nicholas thanks Kumar for his lecture and introduces a panel discussion (32 mins)
Panel: Michael Holding, Clare Connor, Andrew Strauss and Kumar Sangakkara mp3 (19MB)ogg (13MB)

Entire event (interval commentary by Ralph Dellor) (1h42m) mp3 (59MB)ogg (41MB)

Watch video from the evening on Youtube

2010 - Imran Khan

19 July 2010

Full event: Stephen Lamb introduces proceedings from the Nursery Pavilion at Lord's, beginning with a welcome by MCC President John Barclay LISTEN (1h35m, 66MB)

Imran Khan - 2010 Cowdrey Lecture LISTEN (31m13s, 21MB)

Mark Nicholas leads a discussion between Steve Finn, Jeff Thompson, Graham Onions & lecturer Imran Khan LISTEN (45m40s, 31 MB)

2009 - Adam Gilchrist

24 June 2009

Full event: Introduction by Derek Underwood (MCC President), ICC Hall of Fame - Chris Cowdrey accepts cap on behalf of his father Colin, followed by the 9th Cowdrey Lecture by Adam Gilchrist & discussion led by Mark Nicholas. (Commentary by Ralph Dellor)   LISTEN (1h42m, 47MB)

Adam Gilchrist's lecture   LISTEN (36m, 16.7MB)

Discussion Chaired and introduced by Mark Nicholas LISTEN (43m, 19.9MB)

ICC Hall of Fame Chris Cowdrey accepts a cap on behalf of his father Colin LISTEN (3m, 1.6MB)

2008 - Desmond Tutu

10 June 2008

Listen to a full recording of the lecture and the subsequent discussion (mp3 file, 1h12m, 33MB)

Introduction by Mike Brearley, MCC President (mp3 file, 4m, 2MB)

Desmond Tutu Lecture (mp3 file, 26m, 12.2MB)

Discussion: Mark Nicholas, Andrew Strauss, Barry Richards, Mike Brearley (mp3 file, 37m, 17.2MB)

2007 - Christopher Martin-Jenkins

16 July 2007

Listen to an archive of the full evening mp3 download (38mb)

Introduction by MCC President Doug Insole mp3 download (2mb)

Christopher Martin-Jenkins' Cowdrey Lecture in full mp3 download (19mb)

Discussion: Mark Nicholas, Christopher Martin-Jenkins, Ravi Shastri & Alastair Cook mp3 download (15mb)

2006 - Martin Crowe

11 July 2006

Archive of the full evening mp3 download (35mb)

Martin Crowe lecture (introduced by MCC President) mp3 (0h55m) (25mb)

Question and answer session chaired by Mark Nicholas, with Martin Crowe, Paul Collingwood & Ramiz Raja mp3 (0h32m) (22mb)

2005 - Geoffrey Boycott

19 July 2005

Archive of the full evening mp3 download (58mb)

(Introduction by MCC President Tom Graveney, followed by Geoffrey Boycott's Cowdrey Lecture
and Q&A session with Mark Nicholas, Geoffrey Boycott, Tony Greig and Rodney Hogg.

Geoff Boycott Lecture mp3 download (31mb)

Question and Answer Session mp3 download (25mb)

2004 - Clive Lloyd

19 July 2004

Clive Lloyd delivers the 2004 Colin Cowdrey Lecture on the Spirit of Cricket (0h39m, 9mb)

Mark Nicholas chairs a debate on the speech, with Alec Stewart, Rudi Koertzen and Clive Lloyd himself (0h38m, 9mb)

Archive of the full evening (1h20m, 19mb)